Experience & Voucher Terms & Conditions

Your FlyBoard Fun voucher is valid for 6 months from date of purchase; or until the end of the coming September (whichever is sooner) - Unless Purchased between October-March
Extensions on 3rd party vouchers differ - Please see individual vouchers for exact expiry dates.

Once you have booked your experience date with us, you then come under OUR Terms & Conditions; as per the small print on vouchers bought from 3rd parties.
(Please visit the 'FAQs' page to read our cancellation policy)



In the event that you need to cancel or reschedule your experience, you must do so a minimum of 14 days prior to the confirmed booking.

The experience bookings are available on selected weekend dates between 31 March and 31 October (subject to availability) however;

in the interest of all participants' health and safety;  the experiences may be postponed/re-arranged/cancelled without notice; due to unsafe conditions on the day.

(Includes lack of water depth, strong winds/adverse weather, extremely low temperatures and unforseen events beyond our control etc)
This will be assessed by the instructor on the day, who will have the final say on whether or not it is safe to proceed that day.

In the event of FlyBoard Fun having to cancel your experience; it is your responsibilty to contact the office and reschedule:

(Either on the next working day, or up to a maximum of 3 months from your original booking date, to be fair to other consumers paying for the same services).


If you try to re-book after this time and your voucher has now expired, we cannot accept your booking as we do allow '3 months' from the date we had to cancel.

FlyBoard Fun will not be held liable for any loss as a result of any customer failing to contact us/re-book their experience, within the substantial time frame offered.

Nor is it the responsibility of FlyBoard Fun; to contact customers to re-arrange a booking cancelled by us.


Minimum height is 4ft and minimum age is 16 (18 for Jet-bike experiences) - There is no maximum age as long as participants fit within the health and safety guidelines.

(In some cases; photographic ID may be required upon arrival - please do not be offended if we request to see this.)

If participants have any slight hearing/sight difficulties, they MUST be brought to our attention as soon as you arrive at the venue.
The instructor can then adjust their communication methods during the experience; in order for you to safely understand and follow either visual/verbal instructions.

If during your safety briefing /land-based training, on how to steer/operate the equipment it becomes clear that it would not be safe for you to continue your experience;

The instructor reserves the right to over-ride any medical-fit-notes or professional medical advice that tells you this sport is okay for you to partake.

If there is any sign of you being in pain when attempting to practice your steering on land, cannot hear any of the instuctions and rely on lip-reading or signing;

We will have no option but to stop the experience. Although we would love everyone to experience the thrill of FlyBoarding/Water jet-biking; we have to put safety first.

If you rely upon sign language/lip reading, there may be times where the instructor needs to immediately direct you to quickly manouvre away from a potential hazard/risk.

If you have your back turned to the instructor on the ski, you would not notice the urgent directions being shouted to protect you/others from harm.

Please do not be offended if we ask you further questions about any hearing/visual impairment prior to your experience. This is purely for your safety.


Please note: This experience is not suitable for pregnant women or anyone with the following:
dislocated shoulder/wearing a cast, heart condition, severe back/neck problems, artificial hips or knees, medical pins in their legs or if under any medication that causes drowsiness.
You will NOT be allowed to partake the experience if you are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


This is a high impact and challenging adrenaline pumping experience, which some people take a while to get the hang of.
As such, there is no guarantee given that you will be able to successfully fly out of the water during your session;
however, if the instructor can see you are very close to actually flying with your progress made; (but it is near to the end of your session as it takes some people longer than others)

It is at the instructor's discretion whether they decide to carry on for a short while longer, to give you another chance to get out the water and feel the buzz!


FlyBoard Fun will NOT be held liable for ANY injury or loss suffered from Customers witholding vital information, Inc following any discussions regarding whether or not someone is suitable for FlyBoarding.
We suggest that you seek professional Medical advice from your Doctor if you want to be 100% sure.

Your health and your safety are paramount and we want you to stay safe/well to be able to remember your experience.

If required; we can always provide you with more details about FlyBoarding; to help your Doctor/GP better understand what's involved with the sport

(if they aren't already familiar with what it involves/which body parts are most vulnerable)


Dry-suits and safety equipment are provided; but you must bring at least 1 pair of socks  (NOT neoprene/thick sports socks) and please do not wear jeans/denim with studs on.

Arrive in the clothes you are wearing under the dry-suit that cover your arms and legs and you are advised to bring a towel & spare change of clothes.


  Thank you

A. Law