Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I've got a voucher due to expire. Do I have to complete the experience before the expiry date, ..... Or do I have to just book the experience before then?
Answer: Your experience must be booked before the voucher expires.

If you contact us BEFORE the expiry on your voucher and want to book your experience for a date after the expiration; a £30 fee will apply to extend your voucher for 3 months.

Question: I've already had my voucher extended; can I extend it for another 3 months?
Answer: NO - Only 1 Extension is allowed per experience / voucher

Question: I had to cancel my experience a month before my booking due to work. I totally forgot to re-book. My voucher has now expired. Please can I still book?
Answer: No - We are sorry that this had to happen with work, but you must book before the expiry on your voucher. If it was bought through another company, we would not get paid for your experience.

Question: My voucher has already expired.... Can I still use it?
Answer: No - You must book your experience before the expiry date on your voucher.
(In the same way that you would not be able to use an expired voucher on the high street, to redeem any goods in shops etc.)

Question: Can I book to do my FlyBoarding Experience either Today, Tomorrow or This Weekend?
Answer: NO - A MINIMUM OF 28 DAYS NOTICE IS NEEDED * Dates are subject to availability & weather conditions *

(On average, people tend to book at least 2 months in advance)

Question: Can I complete my experience on Christmas Day?
Answer: No sorry, we are not open for Business on Christmas Day

Question: Can I book my experience and discuss available dates via email?
Answer: **No sorry -  Due to the volume of emails we receive daily; you need to call the office to book your experience/discuss dates to avoid a trail of emails going back and forth with potential dates.
** Except for if you have a protected characteristic covered under the Equality Act 2010 and need to book someone's gift experience for them (as a surprise for example)
Please send us an email or text message to enquire about what to do if this scenario applies to you/your independent living needs.
Please make it your circumstances/requirements clear to us at the start. We can then provide you the most suitabile service tool, for easier accessibility to book for someone.

Question: I've tried to call the office but I wasn't able to speak to anyone and the message says you can't book via phoning the mobile number. What do I do?
Answer: Sorry you couldn't speak to someone in the office at that time. If your voucher is due to expire and you need to contact us urgently,
contact us via email, text or via the website with your contact number and expiry date and we will let you know when to call back to ensure you don't miss out.

Question: I'm booked in to complete my experience but something has come up and I need to post-pone it to a later date..... Can this be done?
Answer: Only confirmed bookings are taken; but if you do change your mind and want to re-schedule, please see scenarios and fees outlined below:

Notice given by you

Fees Payable to Re-Book

1month or more before your confirmed date


14 days before your booking

75% of your original Experience Price to book

7 days or less before your FlyBoarding Slot

N/A as this results in forfeiture of your voucher

 The final scenario in the table above is to cover any costs we would have to make at that stage of the booking and because we couldn't re-fill that slot at such short notice.

It is also to ensure fairness on other customers who are paying for the same services as you would be getting 2 slots for the price of 1 voucher.