Events & Shows

FlyBoard Fun is the most experienced FlyBoard company in the UK and activeley promotes the sport Globally.
We are proud of what we have achieved so far with a number of past shows/displays, events, weddings, TV appearances etc

We have worked very closely with Cruise Liverpool to engage passenger interactions with greeting passengers on many high-profile cruise liners visiting Liverpool.
We were involved with the historic event that saw the '3 Queens' together in Liverpool in 2015, as well as the Cunard 175 Transatlantic Voyage.
This was broadcast world-wide and added a memorable twist to the passenger entertainment.

Events & Shows 1Events & Shows 2Our main performer, Jay specialises in 'close-work' and directly interacts with his audience
(to offer something unique to each show)

He has also appeared on many TV shows, news programmes, press releases,
online videos and has even been the Wedding entertainment at a wedding receptions.

We pride ourselves in our professional approach to shows and any event.
 Jay, our experienced FlyBoarder has many years of experience in the world of watersports.
He is therefore fully aware of everything that is happening on the water during each display.

The Chester Rotary Club Raft Race saw an increase in entries in 2016 from 20+ up to 40+ rafts.
This helped to raise a lot more money for a well-dererved cause.

We are a regular feature at the Mersey River Festival in the Albert Dock and
have performed at Bristol Harbour, Belfast & Dublin Port River Festivals too.

If you require us to wear fancy dress costumes for any of the shows, or
would like a spectacular night-time event with our Neon Light-suit;

We can accomodate many requests. Please ask if you have any special requirements.

  If you want to hire us for an future event, show or even for TV;
Please contact us / request more info.

Once you have confirmed us for a event;

we will send over our booking form for you to complete and return.

 This form helps us to make a start on composing Risk Assessments/Method Statements and preparing for the event, prior to any site visits we make.

"If we CAN help, we WILL help"

Thank you; A. Law